Our Cheese

We make our cheese using traditional techniques and equipment for farmstead cheese production. Learn about some of our current offerings below.

Twig Farm Goat Tomme Twig Farm Goat Tomme
Goat Tomme is a raw goat milk farmstead cheese, aged about 80 days. The cheese features a natural rind and a semi-hard texture. The milk for this cheese is made with the milk from pastured goats on our farm. Tomme was a ribbon winner at the American Cheese Society competition in 2006. The milk for this cheese comes from our dedicated hard working goats grazing and browsing all about our farm.

Twig Farm Square Cheese Twig Farm Square Cheese
is a raw goat milk cheese, aged about 80 days. The texture is semi-soft and the rind is natural and rustic in appearance. The cheese is formed in a tied cloth that makes the cheese have its square shaped. In the middle of the cheese is an indentation from where the knot was tied. Square cheese is made with milk just from Twig Farm goats. Square Cheese won Third Place in the Farmstead Goat Cheese category at the American Cheese Society Competition in 2007.

Twig Farm Wheel Twig Farm Washed Rind Wheel
Wheel is a washed rind cheese made with raw goat milk and sometimes raw cow milk, aged about 65 days. As the cheese ages, the rinds are washed with a brine made with lees from hard apple cider and whey. The texture of the cheese is semi-soft and the flavor is full. This cheese is made from goat milk from our farm and sometimes with cow milk from Joe Severy's organic dairy (48 cows) in Cornwall, Vermont. Joe Severy's cows are mostly Jersey. We mix in the Jersey's milk when the cows are on pasture.

Twig Farm Fuzzy Wheel
The recipe for the Fuzzy Wheel is loosely based on the Twig Farm Washed Rind Wheel, but includes both cow and goat milk and the more rustic appearing natural rind. The texture of fuzzy wheel is softer than the Twig Farm Goat Tomme, and the taste is perhaps a little more daring. The milk for fuzzy wheel is from the late fall and early spring from our goats milk and the milk from our neighbor's cows.

Twig Farm Crawford
Crawford is a natural rind semi-soft cheese aged for about 75 days, usually weighing about 2 pounds. Squarish round irregular shape, roughly 7" in diameter, 3" tall. Made from raw cow's milk from Scapeland Farm (Crawford Family Farm) in Whiting. This cheese is currently only produced in the winter months.

Twig Farm Old Goat
Old goat is a larger (5-10 pounds) and older (10-12 month old) version of the Twig Farm Goat Tomme. It is sold exclusively to our favorite localvores at the Middlebury Farmer's Market. Occasionally we make some of the old goats into Blue Goats which are year-old subtlely blue cheeses.

Twig Farm Mixed Drum
Mixed Drum is a natural rind semi-hard cheese aged for four to seven months, usually weighing about 5 pounds. Round (drum) shaped, 7-8" in diameter, about 6" tall. Made from raw (Ayrshire) cow's milk from Scapeland Farm (Crawford Family Farm) in Whiting and raw goat's milk from our farm. Produced from May to December.