Our inspiration has come from the traditional natural-rind goat cheeses of the French Pyrenees.  Cheesemaker Michael Lee does his. best to showcase and celebrate the nuances of the milk as it changes from week to week and month to month with a minimum of interventions.   For the first fifteen years, our cheeses came from the milk from our herd of 50 goats pastured on our 30 acres in Cornwall, Vermont.  On October 7, 2019, all of our goats moved to Ice House Farm in Goshen, Vermont.   We are still making cheese but the goats now live up in Goshen!   This has been a huge transition for us.   We miss our goats!  Michael visits with them when he picks up milk at their new farm, but we are no longer milking goats.  We are very grateful to Ice House Farm for helping to ensure that our cheesemaking practice can continue.