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We are very happy to ship whole cheeses to loved ones and office mates.

Fedex Shipping charges will be around $10-$25, depending on box size and destination. We can not ship outside the U.S.A.

Whole Cheeses only available.

  • Goat Tomme (~1.75-2lbs)…The purest expression of our goat’s milk as it changes from March to December. Don’t be fooled by its rustic exterior! Aged a minimum of 90 days, this semi-firm raw-milk cheese is delicately flavored with notes of roasted almond and lemon peel. Incredibly versatile for pairing: Loire Valley Chenin, off-dry cider, a mid-weight stout or a light red wine would make excellent partners for a little wedge of this goodness! $50
  • Square (~3 lbs)…A showpiece cheese for the true-blue tyrrophile. Aged 90 days, this extraordinary all-goat cheese showcases the beautiful harmony between our herd’s milk and the spectrum of microflora we’ve developed in our cellar. The cool minerality of the natural rind stands in contrast to the bright, creamy flavor of the cheese’s paste. Subtly complex, it’s an Epicure’s delight. $75
  • Mixed Milk Drum (~5.25-5.5 lbs)…Subtly flavored, rustic and savory, our Mixed Drum hangs out in our cellar for a minimum of 4 months to achieve peak deliciousness. As the name suggests, it blends the milk from our goats with that good Ayreshire cow’s milk from the Crawford Family Farm. Equally at home on a Ploughman’s Lunch platter (pickles, mustard, etc.) or paired with dried fruit and a stellar dessert wine. Makes the best grilled cheese of all time. $98 
  • Fuzzy (1.5-1.75 lbs)…The cool weather analogue to our Washed Wheel, this pliable mixed milk cheese marries the sweet, tangy flavor of our goat’s milk with the creaminess of Ayershire cow’s milk and an unmistakeable earthiness courtesy of our (super)natural rind.  A satisfying, sophisticated snacking cheese you can dress up (see: your favorite sparkling wine) or dress down (a light beer and potato chips). Let your imagination run wild! $45
  • Twig Farm Tote Bags….can be purchased with minimal clicking Buy Now!

To order cheese, please use the contact form below!  It takes some researching to figure out the optimal shipping path and cost, which is why we don’t have a shopping cart process on our site.  We will reply with an invoice which you can pay promptly with a credit card or electronic check.  We’ll ship after we receive payment or on the date you select, whichever comes first.   Please warn folks that cheese is coming so that it doesn’t sit outside to be found by a raccoon or wait for weeks until people return from voyages, etc. All sales are final: exchanges and returns are not possible with cheese!

Author: emily sunderman

Violinist in Vermont

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