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Whole Cheeses are available for shipping via FedEx.

  • Goat Tomme (1.8 lbs)…aged 5-6 months.  Our flagship cheese is handmade March – November to reflect the seasonal changes in lactation and forage on our farm.  Luscious textures and sweet rounded flavors.   $50.00
  • Winter Wheel (3.1 lbs)…aged 4-5 months This larger, full-flavored cheese wheel is made only in November and December in response to the rising fat and protein of late lactation milk.  $90.00
  • Slow Wheel (1.4 lbs)...aged 6-7 months These unusual goat wheels take on the character of their forest-floor-like rinds, brine-y and redolent of mushrooms and earth, a perfect accompaniment for fresh pasta and bitter greens. $50.00
  • Old Goat (5 lbs)…aged 11-12 months. A limited extra aged tomme made in response to the flush of milk in early spring.  Our largest format cheese ages almost a year or more. Crystalline, complex, exquisite.  $140
  • Twig Farm Tote Bags….$15.

We ship cheese directly to consumers nationally via FedEx.  Within New England, we can ship home delivery but outside we have to ship next day or 2nd day depending on where it is going. FedEx Shipping charges will be around $10-$50, depending on box size and destination. We can not ship outside the U.S.A.

To order cheese, please use the contact form below. It takes some researching to figure out the optimal shipping path and cost, which is why we don’t have a shopping cart process on our site.   We have tried to negotiate with FedEx but have learned we are just not a big enough operation to make set fee shipping charges.   After you submit your order below, we will reply with an invoice which you can pay promptly with a credit card or electronic check.  We’ll ship after we receive payment on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for delivery by Friday so that cheese doesn’t sit in warehouses over the weekend.   Please warn recipients that cheese is coming so that it doesn’t sit outside to be found by a neighbors dog or wait for weeks until people return from travel, etc. All sales are final: We are sorry but exchanges and returns are not possible with cheese!



Author: emily sunderman

Violinist in Vermont

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