Twig Farm People

Michael Lee

michael_goatMichael Lee is the artist and brawn behind Twig Farm.  He has a vision and passion which inspires our business and often wears us out.

Favorite cheese to eat: Tomme

Favorite cheese to make: Square

Hobbies: Biking, Ordering Wine, Gardening

Side hustles:  Cider Making, Snow Making at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl.

Emily Sunderman

emily_profileWhite Emily Sunderman is no longer ať Twig Farm, her support and contributions made the entire endeavor  possible.  She now mostly spends her time teaching & practicing the violin, playing tennis, and hiking with Betty.

Favorite cheese to eat: Square

Hobbies: Tennis, Walking the dog

Side Hustle: Teaching Suzuki method violin lessons

Mei Lin Barral Photography_Twig Farm-53.jpg
Photo Credit Mei Lin Barral Photography