Twig Farm Goat Tomme

Tomme is the purest expression of our goat’s milk as it changes from March to December. Don’t be fooled by its rustic exterior! Aged a minimum of 90 days, this semi-firm raw-milk cheese is delicately flavored with notes of roasted almond and lemon peel. Incredibly versatile for pairing: Loire Valley Chenin, off-dry cider, a mid-weight stout or a light red wine would make excellent partners for a little wedge of this goodness!

Twig Farm Square Cheese

Square is a showpiece cheese for the true-blue tyrrophile. Aged 90 days, this extraordinary all-goat cheese showcases the beautiful harmony between our herd’s milk and the spectrum of microflora we’ve developed in our cellar. The cool minerality of the natural rind stands in contrast to the bright, creamy flavor of the cheese’s paste. Subtly complex, it’s an Epicure’s delight.

Twig Farm Washed Rind Wheel


For those who don’t mind a little funk, our Washed Rind delivers a pungent aroma (courtesy a rubdown with our own cider) that works in harmony with its creamy, springy interior. Made with a blend of milk from our Alpine goats and Ayreshire cow’s milk from our neighbors the Crawfords, this little umami bomb is pure pleasure with a crusty loaf of bread and your favorite medium bodied wine, melted on polenta with some good mushrooms or for dessert with a drizzle of honey and a handful of nuts. Hyper-seasonal, these bad boys are only made in the summer months.

Twig Farm Fuzzy Wheel

The cool weather analogue to our Washed Wheel, Fuzzy Wheel is a pliable mixed milk cheese marries the sweet, tangy flavor of our goat’s milk with the creaminess of Ayreshire cow’s milk and an unmistakeable earthiness courtesy of our (super)natural rind.  A satisfying, sophisticated snacking cheese you can dress up (see: your favorite sparkling wine) or dress down (a light beer and potato chips). Let your imagination run wild!

Twig Farm Crawford

Crawford is a rustic, eminenIMG_0424.JPGtly crowd-pleasing cow’s milk cheese made from beautiful Ayreshire cow’s milk supplied by our neighbors at Crawford Family Farm (hence the name). A versatile little number that will appease palates across the spectrum. Fantastic served alongside some good Vermont apples (or cider), and that’s just the beginning. Semi-firm, a touch sharp, 100% delicious.

Twig Farm Big Cow


A limited edition, extra small batch version of our Crawford that we make in larger forms and age for a minimum of 10 months for a truly tasty, nuanced flavor. (Fun fact: the finished cheese resembles the world’s most delicious UFO.) Made from Crawford Family Farm’s Ayreshire cow’s milk. If you feel like wandering a little outside the (Caerphilly or Comte) box, take a deep dive into a hunk of this stuff. You won’t be sorry.

Twig Farm Old Goat

The OG indeed. Old Goat is made in extremely small batches from grassy spring milk, this cheese is aged for a minimum of 11 months in order to develop into something sublime. Semi-firm, mildly tangy and complex, with a long creamy finish. 100% raw goat’s milk. This cheese stands alone.

Twig Farm Mixed Drum


Subtly flavored, rustic and savory, our Mixed Drum hangs out in our cellar for a minimum of 4 months to achieve peak deliciousness. As the name suggests, it blends the milk from our goats with that good Ayreshire cow’s milk from the Crawford Family Farm. Equally at home on a Ploughman’s Lunch platter (pickles, mustard, etc.) or paired with dried fruit and a stellar dessert wine. Makes the best grilled cheese of all time.

Twig Love


Twig Love is available around Valentines Day or can be custom ordered for your wedding. Made in extremely small batches from a mix of raw goat and cow milk, this cheese is aged just long enough to be legal (at least 60 days). Semi-soft, mildly tangy and crazy delicious. This cheese might make your special someone blush.