Twig Farm Goat Tomme

Twig Farm Tomme (photo credit Eric Zelman)

Tomme is a pure expression of our goat’s milk as it changes from March to December. Aged a minimum of 90 days, this semi-firm raw-milk cheese is delicately flavored with notes of roasted almond and lemon peel. Incredibly versatile for pairing: Loire Valley Chenin, off-dry cider, a mid-weight stout or a light red wine would make excellent partners for a little wedge of this goodness!

Twig Farm Square Cheese

Twig Farm Square (photo credit Eric Zelman)

Square is a showpiece cheese for the true-blue tyrrophile. Aged 90 days, this extraordinary all-goat cheese showcases the beautiful harmony between our herd’s milk and the spectrum of microflora we’ve developed in our cellar. The cool minerality of the natural rind stands in contrast to the bright, creamy flavor of the cheese’s paste. Subtly complex, it’s an Epicure’s delight.



Twig Farm Wheel


Mei Lin Barral Photography_Twig Farm-143.jpg
Twig Farm Wheel (photo credit Mei Lin Barral Photography)