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The fuzzy wheel is made from raw goat and cow milk, cultures, salt, and rennet. The goat milk is from Ice House Farm in Goshen, VT, and the cow from MoSe in Whiting, VT. The rind is a natural rind formed during the aging process. The texture of the cheese is cakey when young but becomes more supple as it ages. The flavor is bright and creamy when young and gets a bit more funkier as it ages. The cheese is about 2 lbs. – Michael

Fuzzy fairly soft and tastes creamy and nostalgic. This is the “most comfort food” of the Twig Farm cheeses. Perfect lunch is to layer a few slices on stale bread and toast in the toaster oven. Would also be nice on a burger or melted on a sweet potato or french fries. Perhaps the cheese to wrap inside a chicken breast to bake with a slice of ham? – Emily


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